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Who We Are

The Mtitu Foundation was set up to raise money to build the Mount Calvary Secondary School in the village of Mtitu in Tanzania. Mtitu is a small village about 30 miles from the mountain town of Iringa, at an altitude of around 6000 feet. Typical of many African villages, there is widespread poverty, with no electricity supply or running water, and little access to medical care or education. 

The foundations of the school were laid in 2006 and after much hard work the first block of the school was opened in 2012, with three teachers and around twenty students. The first students graduated in 2015. Toilet blocks were added in 2016 and a second teaching block was roofed in 2019. We continue to raise money to continue building work and pay for teaching staff, furniture, supplies and bursaries for students.


What We Do

We are a voluntary charitable organisation based in the UK, and we raise money for the people of Mtitu to fund the building and running of the Mount Calvary Secondary School. To date we have raised over £30,000 which has enabled the first block to open and teachers and students to take advantage of the facility. A substantial amount of this funding was raised in memory of Aidan O'Neill, the nephew of the founder, who sadly died in a road accident aged 12. In his memory, the first block of the school to be completed was named "Aidan's Block".

Our mission is to extend the school to build more teaching blocks and student dormitories so that the school can educate many more children and be sustainable in the long term.


Fighting Poverty

We believe that the way to fight poverty and inequaility is through education. And in order to educate, you need schools and teachers. Mtitu is just one small village in a vast continent of poverty but we believe that we can make a difference to the lives of the children growing up there.

Making a Difference

A relatively small amount of money raised in the UK goes a very long way in Africa. Although we are a tiny organisation, the money that we raise makes a big difference in Mtitu, offering children like these real hope for a better future.

As a small organisation, we have no paid staff and minimal overheads, so every penny that we raise goes straight to Mtitu.


“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther


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Typical Mtitu House

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