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Bac Dubh is a rewilding project in the village of Poolewe, Wester Ross

Bac Dubh is an area of 92 acres of land to the west of Poolewe, comprising areas of low-lying peat bog overlooked by steep hillside, purchased in January 2024. We have a long-term plan to rewild Bac Dubh for nature, people and climate. Our vision is to see the peatland restored to thriving wetland, woodland regenerating on the hillside, nature and wildlife flourishing, and Bac Dubh being enjoyed and loved by the community. 

We welcome community involvement in the project. There are volunteering opportunities to help with nature restoration, and we are working with the community to provide an area for community use. Some of the ideas so far have been as a community garden, orchard, food forest, beehives or allotments.

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions for Bac Dubh, and follow us on Facebook for regular updates.

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